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Bravo Delta: Cockyboys model, Bostonian
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Sep 14 '13

Anonymous asked:

would u ever let us watch u have sex on cam4?

If my new camera came in the mail on Friday, I was thinking about finding someone to fuck on cam. But it didn’t.

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  1. xeric27 said: I’d let you fuck me on cam! ^_^ or anywhere for the matter! Lol
  2. vidalllanderos said: i’ll bring the camera 🙊🙈
  3. bect0 said: Tease ;)
  4. janbrady2009 said: Damn Apple and their slow shipping! Don’t they know there’s a voting deadline coming up? %@#$%@#%$@#%$
  5. r-highmer said: Do you think it would be a guy or a girl?
  6. bravodelta9 posted this